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Frank’s Diner

Jack: Your still can’t go wrong with James griddling up a half-stack of Silver Dollar Pancakes and don’t forget the Huckleberries. Beyond that it’s pretty regular diner breakfast fare. The eggs are fresh and not out of a mystery pitcher. The omelets are decent. And, they serve the (in)famous Joe’s Special with its burger, spinach and onion goodness. Hash browns have a good amount of crisp (they used to be undercooked most mornings). They offer up cheese and sausage gravy on just about everything (yikes!). And beware of the “Go-go-juice” or as some might call it, coffee. Their coffee has improved as they are now serving Craven’s Coffee, and the first cup or two taste great. The rest may haunt your morning–I think it’s how they brew the coffee. Oh, and, don’t bring your important documents, they’re bound to get splashed with the ever-flowing coffee, or set in a coffee drip.

Frank’s Diner 1516 W 2nd Ave. (509) 747-8798 Hours: Sunday-Thursday, 6:00 AM-8:00 PM; Friday and Saturday, 6:00 AM-9:00 PM


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