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Screen Capture

You may have explored the Grab application in the past (or maybe you haven’t). There’s a quick and easy way to capture your entire screen or a portion of the screen, to a file or to your desktop. Update: Look below for a new way to quickly capture a window.

  1. Open up your System Preferences (Apple menu > System Preferences).
  2. Under Hardware select Keyboard & Mouse.keyboard and mouse
  3. As you can see you have a few options, and they are finger-benders:
    • Command-Shift-3 – Save the entire screen to a file.
    • Command-Control-Shift-3 – Copy the entire screen to the clipboard.
    • Command-Shift-4 – Save a screen selection to a file.
    • Command-Control-Shift-4 – Copy a screen selection to the clipboard.
    • New! Command-Shift-4 then Spacebar – Save a window selection to a file.
    • New! Command-Control-Shift-4 then Spacebar – Copy a window selection to the clipboard.

    keyboard shortcuts

  4. If you used either of the Save to File options you will discover Picture 1.png on your Desktop.200703_3_picture_file.jpg