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VESA Mount for iMac

One of the biggest requests I receive from clients is the desire to mount their iMacs on a VESA compliant articulating arm. Despite the new 2007 iMac’s absolute thinness, it’s flat-footed design, and up/down tilt just does not meet everyone’s needs. Apple does make a VESA adapter for the 24-inch iMac. Apple’s VESA mount is a great solution and works well, but it ONLY works on the 24-inch iMac. Thousands of iMac users, specifically with the later 17″ and 20″ G5, G5 w/iSight, iMac Intel and Core 2 Duo Intel iMac, were left to figure out how to attach their computers to VESA arm mount and wall mounting systems.

The solution comes to us from a company that specializes in security products. They make a great $80 machined aluminum VESA mount adapter that utilizes the cable hole Apple has already stamped into the back of the foot. This opens up the world to VESA mounts for all iMacs, and allows you to keep the foot in place to stow a keyboard and mouse, and to keep the iMac portable and usable when not on a VESA mount. If you have not already, check outhttp://www.imacmount.com/ and these very nice iMac VESA Mounts.