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Say No to POP

What Is POP3 And Why Is It Bad?
In a brief description, POP3 is an email protocol that downloads email from a mail server to an email client such as Outlook, Entourage, Apple Mail or Thunderbird. The drawback of using this protocol is that when someone spills coffee on their laptop or their machine is stolen; all their company emails are gone. There might still be a few emails left on the server, but the majority of it is lost.
Why Are Many Companies Still Doing This?
In the past hard drive space was limited and expensive. However nowadays hard drives have become larger and cheaper. For best practices companies should be storing email on the server and using the automated backup in Kerio MailServer to backup the mail store and server configurations. To access email on the server use the IMAP protocol, Kerio Outlook Connector with Outlook, or Exchange mode in Entourage with Kerio MailServer. An added benefit of storing email on the server, email can be accessed from home or while on the road through other email clients such as Kerio WebMail or mobile device.
Ready To Host Your Own Email?
J-D Strong Consulting, Inc. can assist you with setting up Kerio MailServer, a full group ware server, on an extra machine, Mac mini, or Linux box. Contact us today to inquire about setting up your own mail server, and explore the features of Kerio MailServer.